Why Laser Cap?

Why LaserCap?

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012

You already know Light Therapy works, now its time to experience the convenience and Power of the LaserCap; the best value when it comes to Laser Hair Therapy!

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How It Works!

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012

How does the Laser Cap produce results? It is the absolute perfect combination of being easy to use without sacrificing power or effectiveness.

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Satisfied Customers!

Satisfied Customers!

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012

With an extensive history of patient results and a close involvement with the Laser Cap from the very beginning, BuyLaserCap.com has the proof you need.

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How Much?

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012

The Laser Cap offers all the power of Clinical Laser Hair Therapy at almost half the cost. The real question is can you afford not to do something about your hair loss.

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Welcome To BuyLaserCap.com

Get the healthy hair you’ve always wanted in 30 minutes every other day without drugs, surgery or dangerous side effects!

What if you could solve your thinning hair problems in the comfort of your own home? LaserCap helps restore your hair to its previous healthy state. Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to vibrant, healthy hair!

Laser Hair Therapy has been Featured on:


Completely Portable

So easy to use you never miss a treatment.

Convenient & Discreet

Save time and money by using it in the comfort of your own home.

The Most Powerful Device

The only device on the market offering you the power of clinical laser hair therapy in a portable device.


“I believe that the Lasercap is the most convenient device for delivering the light to the scalp as it does not require active combing but it is still a home-use device contrasted with the hairdryer-like hood.”

- Dr. Michael Hamblin, PHD // Harvard University Photomedicine Expert


Ready to get the results started? We have made the process as easy as possible, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click The button Below To Be Directed To Our Free Online Consultation
  2. Fill Out The Form and Submit It
  3. You Will Be Contacted by A Representative within 24 Hours!

It really is that easy! Or if you would like to talk with someone immediately, you can:

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Thousands of people have seen the amazing results of the LaserCap, here is what a few of them have to say:


I feel good about the way I look. The only regret I have is that I wish I had started this sooner!


My hair was pretty thin, but now I can say my hair is even better than when I was young!



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