LaserCap Cost

How much is your piece of mind worth?


When compared to other Laser Hair Therapy treatments the LaserCap is the best all-around value. While it does cost more than traditional hand-held devices, the results you get compared to the time and money you put into it make the LaserCap the clear cut winner. And when contrasted with costly in-office clinical treatments (which require transportation and time) the LaserCap also comes out on top. Another advantage the LaserCap has over Clinical treatments is that you own it! While the cost of one year’s treatments at the clinic is comparable to the cost of the LaserCap you have to consider that you will be paying that amount every year for clinical treatments instead of just one time for the LaserCap.

But ultimately the real question isn’t whether you can afford the LaserCap but instead:


Can you afford not to have your hair?


While there are a few other places to buy the LaserCap there are even more reasons to buy yours from What you get when you buy from us:

  • The experience of our staff, the leading experts in the Industry
  • Access to a wealth of resources including Patient Photos and Videos
  • Online support with trained staff
  • A completely free consultation to determine your suitability for the LaserCap
  • Follow-up support from our staff of Hair Loss Specialists
  • Financing Options Available!
  • And much more…


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